Friday, 13 May 2016

My marks in CSM 2015

Philosophy is again disaster for me....Cut off is 877 and mine marks are 874...

I m in with 36th rank in reserve list...Indian Postal Service is allocated to me... 


  1. ohh my god .. seriously so closer... so close..

    but philosophy is scoring. ? is n't it ...

    I mean 2014 mihir patel rank 27 from got 300+ in philosophy that was his 3 trial .. he too was frustarted with this subject ..

    but this subject only got him rank 27 in 2014 ..

    little more push .. u can get two digit rank

    you have awesome marks ...

    omg I cannot beleive so close...

    I mean see your g.s 1, 2,3,4 score . 362 ... ur on edge to touch 400

    please .. just little push ... donto give up on philosophy that will give u rank.... have faith

  2. see mihir patel score ..

    you find in this link ..

    you need work on essay and philosophy just a little more... just little ...

    priyanka please donot give up ... sure u have 2digit rank in 2016 I know ....

  3. ohhhh...essay and philo me thoda kam raha gaya..
    mam u will be in reserve list.
    very good marks in GS.
    plz share strategy for GS. (especially paper 4)
    good luck for next attempt.

    1. I will share shortly..tnx a lot

    2. Ma'am please share about philosophy optional and your opinion towards it.

  4. बस एक ही बात - अब तो हार बिलकुल मत मानना। इस बार आपका चयन निश्चित हैं। आपसे निवेदन हैं कि आप सामान्य अध्धयन के साथ-साथ दर्शनशास्त्र की रणनीति भी साझा करें। आपके साक्षात्कार का माध्यम हिंदी था या अंग्रेजी ?

    1. Medium was hindi for interview...jald hi strategy sajha karoongi

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