Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The Eight Core Industries comprise nearly 38 % of the weight of items included in the Index of Industrial Production (IIP).
1.       Coal  (weight: 4.38 %)
2.       Crude Oil (weight: 5.22 %)
3.       Natural Gas (weight: 1.71 %) 
4.       Petroleum Refinery (weight: 5.94%)
5.       Fertilizer  (weight: 1.25%)
6.       Steel (weight: 6.68%)
7.       Cement (weight: 2.41%)
8.       Electricity (10.32%)
Types of Forest Fires
1. Ground fires—which burn organic matter in the soil beneath surface litter and are sustained by glowing combustion.
2. Surface fires—which spread with a flaming front and burn leaf litter, fallen branches and other fuels located at ground level.
3. Crown fires—which burn through the top layer of foliage on a tree, known as the canopy or crown fires. Crown fires, the most intense type of fire and often the most difficult to contain, need strong
winds, steep slopes and a heavy fuel load to continue burning.

The Forest Survey of India’s State Forest Report, 1995 – a compilation of 25 years of observations and analyses – revealed that more than 95% of wildfires in India were man-made. About 50%-55% of Indian forests are fire prone.

Eco Sensitive Zone
Eco sensitive zones are declared under Environment (Protection) Act, 1986. Eco sensitive zones are area in and around National Park and sanctuaries which are considered as eco fragile zones. There are some activities allowed in these areas like cottage industries, erection of telecom and electricity wires, tourism, hot-air balloons, tourism and so on.

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