Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Your optional subject can change whole game for u……….If it is philosophy

Exam pattern have changed. I have appeared in this exam with two optional subjects. I had History and Philosophy as optional. I got gud marks in philosophy so that I kept philosophy as my optional subject in new pattern. I got two interview calls in old pattern exam.

I could not get an interview call in 2014.This was due to very less marks in Philosophy. It was only 181 out of 500.With such a low marks in optional; I think no one can get an interview call. I thought to change my optional. But I kept it. One of my friend got 313 marks in philosophy and he got selected last year. I asked him what have you written in exam. From where you read philosophy??
He told me that he read notes of Nischay IAS Accademy’s Yaswant Sir. I went delhi to get Sir’s notes.Unfortunately I could  not find his notes in market.I searched coaching in Mukhrjee Nagar.I found his coaching and met sir.Sir provided me his notes and I attended contemporary and social political philosophy classes there for four days.These classes and notes helped me a lot.I wrote some answers and answers were checked by Sir.Sir gave me personal attention.I m very thankful to him.

I wrote answers comparing different philosophies. For example “What is ‘Dravya’ in Jain Philosophy?”I wrote abt Dravya of Vaisheshik,Aristotle,Plato etc .I wrote answers this time in such a way.I read philosophy notes of Drishti and Patanjali also.I read Rammurti Pathak,B K Lal,Ved Prakash Verma books.I still don’t know how much marks will get in Philosophy.But,I m expecting gud marks. After mains examination,I was sure abt interview call.
Hope it will help you….


  1. Didi, how is political science as an optional with hindi medium? Should i choose it or Hindi literature? What will u suggest?

    1. If we see success ratio,size of syllabus,study material and availability of guidance ,then Hindi literature is a Gud subject.But if u comfortable with political science then choose it...

      Hope it will help u to choose ur subject.

    2. Thnx a lot..
      My intuition was also in favour of Hindi literature as it is a scoring subject. The only confusion was due to helping nature of psir in gs and interview. But i think Hindi Lit will be better.

      Read ur interview.. u r marvellous.. expecting ur name in the starting page of result list.

    3. Tnx a lot Ruchi....best of luck